S4 Management Kit


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● Bluetooth app for (IOS)

● Controllable RGB Light

● Auto level

● 15L Stainless Steel Air
 Tank Tank Thickness 2mm, ¼ PT Hole (× 5)
●  Single 444C Air Compressor
   Operating Pressure: 170PSI Maximum Pressure: 200 PSI
● Two controllers are included
● The wired main controller displays the air pressure of the four wheels and you can change or save the detailed settings according to the driver ..
● Tank pressure pressure can be changed from 150PSI to 200PSI
● 6 ride height memory functions
● FR, FL, RR, RL suspension can be operated manually by using scroll buttons in various places
● Suspension air pressure can be set from 1psi
● Manual Compressor operation can be set to ON / OFF
● The wireless controller can operate the air suspension from outside the vehicle body.
● Air tank auto water drain function
● Low voltage setup
・ Safety function to stop the operation of the compressor when the battery voltage of the car body is low
● Waterproof design
● Simple harness and design that is easy to install

● Wire set fuse holder, remote wiring set
 Connect the vehicle body and main unit Harness, coupler on, fuse holder included
● 6mm air hose (25m), various fittings
 Includes air hose to connect strut and solenoid valve, fitting required for piping

* Management system Box
 control system, four-wheel independent solenoid valve valve, pressure sensor, all inside Included in.
* Wired remote control, wireless remote control
* Wire set fuse holder, remote wiring set
 Harness that connects the vehicle body and the main body, coupler on, fuse holder included
* To convert the vehicle to air suspension, it is necessary to purchase air struts at the same time.


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